2 Nov 2008

Halloween 2008

Posted by Jamie

Once again we had a great Halloween. This neighborhood is so fun for Trick or Treating. There were some great houses all decorated up, some scary ones too. It was really great. We went with our friends the Andrews and the Martins. We all had a great time.

I have been teasing Jason because he is hilarious at Halloween. Here we are, all the kids are ready, I am wanting to get a picture of our family together but he is still upstairs “primping” getting his costume ready. He was a troll and had to reattach his nose! He wore it to work and had a swarm of people checking him out! Anyway he finally comes down and all our friends arrive so I once again try to get everyone together to get a picture. The kids are all excited but we are rounding up all 12 of them and what does Jason do???? He is such a overgrown 5 year old at Halloween…”oh come on, we are loosing trick or treating time we can do pictures later…let’s go…let’s go…times a wastin’ ” So off we go and do you think we got a picture later…of course not!

Jason had Xander on the run the first half of the neighborhood. Darting from one house to another. Xander was having a blast! I had to keep hollering at Jason to slow down and wait for everyone else…again big overgrown 5 year old…he is such a nut! Once Xander’s pumpkin was full he lost interest in running to the doors, he was ready to eat the candy!

Katie’s costume turned out really scary. She was a sight! It was awesome, she had so many comments on what a great costume. She was covered in spiders, hard to see in the pictures.

Becca was a what did she call it…a punky She-Devil. She painted her hair and face red and then put sparkly stuff all over her too. She was very cute in a evil sort of way. 🙂

Susie stuck around long enough for a picture and then we didn’t see her for several hours, she went off with her friends. She made a very cool Hippi though…Peace Dude!!! What a great night! We love Halloween!!!


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