13 Jan 2009

Xander turns 4!!!

Posted by Jamie

I love having a New Year’s Baby! Xander again, like last year, thought we were staying up late celebrating, partying, for his Birthday, not New Years! I set up our small tent in our living room so Becca, Katie and Xander could have a campout/sleepover New Year’s Eve. Funny how the simple, sometimes a little strange, things can be so entertaining for kids. Xander and Katie thought it was the coolest thing ever sleeping in a tent in the living room! They had a great time. We shouted Happy New Year at midnight then sang Happy Birthday to Xander! Susie had a YW sleepover at her leader’s house. She got a total of 2 hrs sleep but had a great time! We missed her though…


Xander was anxious to open gift in the morning so we said go for it! We got him a new suit for church and he was so thrilled to have “shoes like Daddy”…”belt like Daddy”…”socks like Daddy”…and on and on… He was one handsome little man!


Xander loves super heroes. Becca designed a Zorro costume for him. She found foam swords, black hat, rope for his waist to hold the sword, perfect fabric. And we sewed it together. She did great! They had so much fun sword fighting. Xander went seriously nut-so whacking away at Becca. It was great! We also found a Batman costume for $1.oo. What a deal!!! Halloween leftovers… Gramma Sam made him a Spiderman blanket and Grandma Freston gave him a cool Spiderman car that shoots missiles. I loved his reaction to Aunt Lisa’s gift, it was a plastic tool set. He opened it and exclaimed “tools!!! Just what I needed!” What a little man!


We went to the beach to fly Xander’s new kite. It was beautiful as always. Not much wind for flying a kite but Xander still had a great time. Katie and Becca love to search for neat shells and rocks. Susie was pretty grumpy (no sleep) until she escaped with G’pa to see Fort Macon and then she came back a lot happier! It was a great day!


Happy New Year!

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