5 Nov 2009

Halloween 2009

Posted by Jamie

We had a FUN Halloween. We love Halloween! This year Jason was Davy Jones and Xander was Cap’n Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Katie and I were witches, Becca was a evil doll and Susie was something scary…she kept changing what she was calling herself…I lost track!We had a fun Ward party. Jason didn’t get home in time from VA to make it but the kids and I had a blast! The YW were in charge of it so Susie was busy the whole night. Xander and Katie spent most of the night doing the cake walk…Katie won numerous times. She started giving away cakes because she had so many. We came home with 3 plus a bunch of cupcakes!!! The picture isn’t one of the cakes Katie won, my friend Debbie made this one and I thought it was so cute! Xander won a couple of times too and Becca. The Swans scored big time!


Halloween night was so fun too. We had 3 families that we went trick or treating with, the Andrews, the Escobars and the Husseys. Then the Martins joined us for a hot dog roast afterwards. We had a great time.  Xander cracked us up. When it was time to leave we were taking photo’s and I realized Xander forgot his pumpkin bucket so he ran back to the house to get it. He came back with 3 buckets!!! He was READY to load up on candy. His Daddy has taught him well!  The only bummer part of the whole evening was that the time came that we had to let Susie go…sigh…she went trick or treating with friends so we didn’t see her at all that night!!!


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