2 Dec 2009

November Preschool

Posted by Jamie

We’ve had another great month of Preschool! I can’t say enough about how much I love this swap thing or co-op whatever you want to call it…I love it! We have had so much fun! My week in November the theme was Harvest. The kids made their own corn on the cob and yummy scarecrow cupcakes.


Our first field trip we went on a nature hike. The kids had their binoculars we made and we went searching for birds and plants and leaves…they found lots of acorns too! And they made up a game of being dinosaurs and running ahead and hiding from us, then when we got near they would yell out at us and ‘scare’ us. We ended our outing with a picnic at the playground. Xander was so sweet helping Kerrigan swing!


Our next fieldtrip was at A Day At The Farm. It was a bit of a drive getting there but we had a great time. They got to make butter, go on a hay ride and have yummy ice cream. They had all kinds of animals, pot belly pig, bunnies, kittens, sheep, cows, chickens, turkeys, goats (smart goat that can get his own dinner by pulling a rope up!) several HUGE pigs, a pond loaded with fish…the kids had the greatest time with the ducks though! We were the last to leave and she finally let all the ducks out of their pen (keeps them penned up while guests are at the farm), anyway the kids went nuts chasing the ducks around, it was hilarious…we really had to work to pull them away so we could leave!


Our last fieldtrip was a Thanksgiving celebration. We made turkeys and had a festive lunch. There were games planned but the kids had the most fun making up their own activities like hide and seek!


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