11 Sep 2010

Earl & Gloucester

Posted by Dave

Hi Everybody:

Earl passed by in the night and we barely noticed. A little rain storm. We’ve seen much bigger storms in N.C. in an afternoon. Awning breakers, for instance. Anticipation caused more schedule problems then the actual hurricane. Most of the weekend Schooner Festival was cancelled, except the big ship parade tomorrow, which is what we wanted to see anyway. We so seldom hit an area during an actual event; we are usually out of season or “just missed it.” Lot of campers came in today; now that Earl is gone they will have a nice weekend here after all .We took a car tour around today . . . . it is really and interesting place.

Gloucester, of course, is where the ship from The Perfect Storm was based. They shot the movie here, too, as well as many others. Home to Gorton’s Seafood, which is right downtown, sandwiched into the dock area. Still considered a working man’s town, others nearby, like Rockport are more upscale.


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