29 Sep 2010

New Bern celebrates 300 years

Posted by Jamie

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It is pretty cool to live near a town that dates back 300 years! It is a neat town, lot’s and lot’s of history. They had a big celebration day with a parade and activities. We brought Xander’s best friend Jake with us so they could play together. They have missed each other tons since Preschool ended!

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The parade was I have to admit a bit disappointing. There has been so much talk all year long about 300 year celebration stuff going on I guess we just imagined the parade being bigger and better than it was. There were several great floats but several lame ones too. Susie got to perform in it for Color Guard. They were the best of the many marching bands in the parade.

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They had a Pirate Ship the Elizabeth II out in the harbor so we could tour it, ok… it actually represented a merchant ship but Katie and Xander and Jake were much more impressed if we called it a pirate ship! They really liked wandering around on it, poking their heads out the portholes and checking everything out. There were even fake rats on it, of course that was Katie’s favorite part!

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