4 May 2015

Spring 2015

Posted by Sam

May 3, 2015

Dear friends,

Knowing I was going to write a “How We Be” note, I took a trip this weekend. I thought it might be like old times, having some personal observations to pass on. Preston was up for it; he loves to ride in the car, and is loath to let me out of his sight.

My plan was to go to Gun Barrel City, Texas. Certain it was an old town of 5,000, with plenty of history, I googled it and learned it was founded by a group of RVers called the “Dirty Dozen” in 1969. But, they had a great Saturday market, so Friday afternoon we took off. To make a long story short,Gun Barrel City was full, and we ended up in Ennis, Texas, home of the national Polka Festival, in a LaQuinta Inn, on the third floor with a dog who doesn’t trust elevators!  Ennis appears to be a nice place to live, and the diverse cultures are trying to get along, as witnessed by the sign in one cafe: “Hulda’s Chili Reyenos.”
We were home in less than 24 hours, but it’s a start.

Friends in Bend are organizing a celebration of Dave’s life on May 24th. We so hope you all can come. It is very informal, just a gathering of friends from 2 to 5PM. We plan to meet at Greg and Cathy Jenson’s place. If it is raining, we will meet at the Moose Hall in Bend. I’ll send addresses later. Bring a lawn chair and your beverage of choice. We will have finger foods and snacks.

Davey would love this. You know how he loved a party. Having you all together would be the ultimate celebration. Bring pictures and stories. Our kids are coming; everyone is looking forward it.



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