17 Dec 2008

Becca and Xander’s Christmas Programs

Posted by Jamie

Sunday the 14th was our Primary Program. One more thing I was in charge of…glad to have it done. It was really beautiful. The kids did a great job. Xander had his lines memorized perfectly, the only hiccup was when Xander started swinging his lacing toys around his head like a lasso and nearly took my eye out!!! I caught it just in time. I thought it would be a good idea to give the Sunbeams something to do with their hands while waiting their turn. Not such a great idea!!! It gave us all a good -reverent- laugh!!! Katie did a great job giving a talk on when her prayers were answered, she told the story of last summer getting lost at Lagoon and praying and having Uncle Gilbert and Aunt Lisa be a immediate answer to her prayer! Becca talked about how the priesthood has blessed her and her family. Susie was really irritated that I was making her be a part of the program since she moved to YW in June. But she was a part of Primary half of the year so she reluctantly gave a talk on doing temple work for her ancestors.

Monday the 15th was Xander’s Christmas Program at the Preschool. He did a great job singing with his class. He was extremely distracted by his Christmas sweater. He kept rolling his arms in it, then eventually lifting it partway over his head, just enough to get it stuck on his head, then back down it would come, he did this over and over all the while singing right along. Well he decided to take it a bit further and completely stripped it off and then started swinging it around, again like a lasso. The girl standing next to him was just cracking me up too, she must have been telling him to keep it on, she tried several times to pull it back down when he had it stuck on his head. Then he must have told her he was taking it off because he was hot because she reached over and felt his forehead. It was hilarious. My son was the stripper at the party!!!

The next night was Becca’s Christmas Concert with her school chorus. It was a lot of fun. Great song, great dances. In one of them Becca was chosen to be a reindeer with her friend Casey. Well when they practiced the dance they couldn’t get it quite right so the teacher made them Reindeer in Training, turned it into a silly joke. It was very funny! She did a great job. These concerts are so much fun!


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