16 Dec 2008

Family Time

Posted by Jamie

We had a full busy week with Grandma and Grandpa Freston here as well as Gramma Sam and Grampa Dave parked in our driveway. It was so fun having both sets of Grandparents here. Most kids don’t get to experience something like that. We were so glad they were all here. Xander was very confused about it though, couldn’t figure out which grandparents were staying for Christmas, which ones would be there for his birthday, which ones were going to fly on a airplane home, which ones had a home and which ones lived in a bus! It was pretty cute seeing him try to keep it all straight!

Jason’s parents arrived Thursday the 4th my parents Friday the 5th. Susie and Becca had 3 performances on Friday. Katie had her baptism on Saturday morning (see previous post dated Dec. 6), Saturday night was another performance as well as Sunday afternoon. Monday afternoon we all went to Susie’s basketball game then that night G’ma and G’pa Freston went to fencing practice and watched the girls and Jason fence. Tuesday we relaxed…we needed it… Wednesday was Susie’s YW in Excellence. Thursday my mom and I and Xander escaped to the beach and then that afternoon we went to another basketball game for Susie. Thursday night we had a early Christmas party with Grandma and Grandpa Freston. And then Friday the 12th my parents flew home. :-( Whew! It was busy but so great! We were so very glad they were able to come spend a week with us!

Pictures of our day at the beach, the last one is of Xander’s Beach Art that he created with the rocks and shells he collected, pretty cool!


Early Christmas Party:


On Saturday the 13th Katie had her first piano recital, she was nervous but very excited too. The only thing that bummed her out was that Grandma Freston had to leave and couldn’t be there. But she got to hear her practice at home and could see how much she had improved since the last time she was here visiting. Katie is doing really well with lessons and she played her piece perfectly! These other kids in the picture are from our ward who are taking lessons. One family found out about Ms. Rachel teaching and spread the word. Her spots filled quickly from this group of Mormons who have been trying to find a good teacher. She started 6 Mormon kids in one week! The recital was pretty long, there were a lot of students performing piano and voice. Well wouldn’t you know it…right in a quiet moment of transition Xander belts out real loud “Are we done now?” The whole audience erupted in laughter but Ms. Rachel answered back real quick and just as loud “No” and went right on announcing the next student.


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