15 Dec 2008

Our Famous Actresses!!!

Posted by Jamie

Susie and Becca auditioned for the Christmas play Scrooge with the New Bern Civic Theater back in September. Susie played the part of Emily, fiance to Fred. And Becca played Richard, one of Scrooges workers. They both really loved being part of this production. We had lots and lots of singing going on at our house! Beware of the photo’s coming up…the black and white ones were the ones the theater took. Susie looks more like she is 17 than 12!!! And does Becca look hot in a hat! It was a really great experience for them. I noticed in both of them a boost in their self esteem. They did such a great job. They had 5 performances in 3 days…they were exhausted. Both Freston and Swan grandparents were here for Katie’s baptism so Susie and Becca got to have their own personal fan club in the audience…Anyway enjoy the show!


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