20 Jan 2009


Posted by Jamie

It is actually snowing here in North Carolina! The kids are ecstatic!!! Last night we got a message that they were delaying school 2 hours because a winter storm was coming. We got a good chuckle over that! Well this morning it was suppose to start snowing around 7 am. By 8 am there were a few flakes coming down but nothing was sticking. We got a message that school was closed for the day!!! Can you imagine! What a hoot! Shutting down before there is even any snow on the ground…If we closed school every time a few flakes came down in Utah we would NEVER go to school! In the 15 years we lived there I only remember 1 official snow day. We just got word that school is closed tomorrow too! Well it really did start coming down around noon today. The kids couldn’t get outside quick enough. I unpacked all our winter gear and coaxed them inside long enough to bundle them up better so they could stay dry and they spent the afternoon playing in the snow!


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