31 Jan 2009


Posted by Jamie

Xander is growing up fast…I thought I would share a few photo’s of this past month. His favorite entertainment is still his imagination. He loves to pretend. There are some pictures with his friends too. The first one is with his best buddy Jake. (Jake also gave Xander the Spiderman web shooter for his birthday that Xander is attacking Daddy with, Xander loved it!) This was at preschool celebrating his birthday. Well Xander’s mommy really goofed. Since Xander’s birthday was over winter break I really just put it out of my mind. During chapel time the first day back I heard them singing happy birthday to someone and that kinda triggered in my brain, “Oh…I forgot to bring a treat for Xander’s birthday for school…well I will do it tomorrow, he isn’t going to know the difference since his birthday is already over, maybe he won’t even think about it…” and I continued working. Well awhile later Xander comes into the office and he is trying really hard not to cry, his little lip is quivering and he cries out “Mom…you forgot the cake!” Oh where is the knife??? Just stab it in!!! What a horrible mom I am…They were singing to him in Chapel so he knew…well guess who made a quick trip to Duncan Doughnuts! The next one is playing dress up with Erin and Ella, and another with his friend Taryn feeding the birds and then going ‘bird watching’. And of course puppy is never far away…


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