17 Feb 2009

Myrtle Beach

Posted by Jamie

We had such a great vacation! We met G’ma Sam, G’pa Dave and the Mullin’s at Myrtle Beach SC. We were so excited to see Kevin, Shelly and Morgan again. It has been about 5 years since we have all been able to get together. We spent time at the indoor pool, walking the beach, playing basketball, feeding the ducks, playing cards and just being together… Xander learned from Uncle Kevin how “Men” drink thier sodas… Xander was quite the little man copying him and telling everyone “I’m a men!” When we would try to correct him and tell him “Man” he would get mad and say “NO, I am a men like Uncle Kevin!” The girls learned several card games from Aunt Shelly. The kids LOVED being with Kevin, Shelly and Morgan.


We did some family portraits at the beach. It was pretty cold but we survived it and the pictures turned out really nice.


We went to an all you can eat seafood place and boy did we eat… I was hesitant getting Xander the all you can eat menu because I didn’t think he would really eat that much, he’d be happy with a hot dog. But it is a good thing we did. That kid packed down the crab. That was pretty much all he ate (and hush ?). We kept bringing him more and more. He patiently dug through them, Uncle Kevin kept passing him pieces too. He ate SO much of it! Wow it was impressive!

We also spent a afternoon at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Aquarium. It was a really nice one, lot’s of cool critters. The kids favorites are always the areas where they can touch them, the sting rays and crabs. They had a really neat section where you could stand on a moving sidewalk and it takes you through the bottom of a HUGE aquarium and you can see the sea life swimming next and above you. The sharks and sea turtles were awesome! That night we went out for pizza and arcades. We got to see how fast the girls are on Dance Dance Revolution!

Our last day together some of us stayed at the house and some of us went miniture golfing. We had a lot of fun. Xander really liked whacking the ball around.


That evening we all met back up and went to the highlight of the whole trip. The Dixie Stampede!!! G’ma Sam and G’pa Dave have been talking about this place for a long time now, wanting the kids to experience it. It was all they said and more!!! We had a great time. The kids were glued to the entertainment, I had to keep whispering to them to eat their dinner. The meal was an experience in itself, how they deliver it. The cups were the shape of a cowboy boot. Xander thought that was pretty cool. No silverware, finger licking good food! There were lots of horses, lots of cowboys and cowgirls, lots of singing and dancing, even a pig race. A fun night of North vs. South all in a very patriotic theme. Ending the night with Dolly Pardon singing to us…well ok she wasn’t really there but the jinormous screen of her singing made her seem well right there!!! It was a really fun night!

A BIG thanks to Uncle Kevin, Aunt Shelly, G’ma Sam, G’pa Dave and Jason for making this a wonderful weekend together!!!

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