7 Feb 2009

Fencing Tournament and Tryon Palace

Posted by Jamie

The girls had a fencing tournament. Jason has really gotten into fencing and has involved the girls. They are so funny, each week when it is time to go to practice Susie and Becca complain “I don’t want to go…it’s boring…why do we have to…” Then they go and they come back so happy having had the greatest time! Katie isn’t like that, she loves to go, she looks forward to every Monday night! There is also a picture of Xander, poor kid, it was a long day for him, he was getting bored but he was really good! Becca’s friend Sophie participated too, they had fun!


These are of Katie…she looks so cute!


Becca did an amazing job fencing. She beat one kid after another. She went into the finals in 3rd place and totally skunked everyone and won it! She had to beat 3 boys to win…you go girl!!! One of the boys she beat had already beat her a couple of times, he was really good and had been fencing a lot longer than Becca has… but she and Daddy figured out a strategy for him and she just went at him! It was fun to watch her, she is so tall and she can stretch so far with those long legs and arms. It was pretty exciting for her to win first place! I love the photo of her right before the final match, she was so nervous! But she did it…Daddy was very PROUD!


Susie did a great job too, she is more reserved than Becca, more calculating and controlled in her movements. She also won a medal!


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