18 Aug 2009

Kids Aug 2009

Posted by Jamie

Just wanted to share some photo’s from the last couple of weeks…Xander is still really into dressing up. The one with the towel over his head is him being a Jedi Knight!!! He has recently become OBSESSED with Star Wars. Jason has been soooooo excited. He told Xander that he has been waiting his entire life for a Star Wars Buddy!!! The other crazy costume he put together I am not sure who he was trying to be…cowboy, explorer, superman, Michael Jackson, ET??? The last getup he put together today. He wanted a broken arm. He stapled papers together to create this arm sling. Pretty good!!! The photo’s of him playing in the puddle were from last week. We had lot’s of rain, lot’s of flooding around town. Our yard is always like this when it rains though so it wasn’t much different for us, we are at a low spot in the neighborhood and there is a drainage ditch that collects it all. Anyway he begged to play in the rain so we went for it!


Katie was in charge of the treat for FHE last night and she invited her friend over to join us. Sophie helped Katie make this Mickey Mouse cookie. They had a great time making the dough and decorating the cookie. They were very proud of their creation!!!


Xander was pretty mad that he couldn’t help Katie with the treat, I told him it was his turn next week and he could do it all by himself… Well he took that literally and started rattling off his recipe that he was going to make. Here it is…I dare any of you to make it!!!

Xander’s FHE recipe

8 Butter
6 Eggs
5 scoops of Jam
7 scoops of Sour Cream
7 scoops of Whip Cream
A whole thing of Peanut Butter
All of the Apple Sauce
Chocolate…all of it
1 Banana…we don’t need any apples!

Mix it up. Put water in it then mix it up again. Then put ice in it. Put it all in a bowl then warm it up in the microwave.

Becca is starting soccer today, she has been counting down the days! Very excited. I think I will officially declare Becca a preteen…she is into doing her hair now and buying her own skinny jeans and converse shoes because she “really really really wants them” I figured it was her money, she worked hard to earn it so there we have it…a preteen!!! Becca started this great water fight. They had a good time early on a Sat. morning…


Susie has started singing lessons recently and enjoys it. She is in the school Chorus and loves to impress her classmates with her piano skills! She is a very talented girl… this is a drawing she did for Honey-Ma (her great grandma). She has two versions of it. The first one without the saying came first then the one with saying and blue sky came second because certain 8 year old was painting and squeezed the tube a bit too hard and we had an explosion of green paint that sprayed all over the kitchen: floor, counter’s, wall, microwave and Susie’s picture….after hollering at Katie she got creative and managed to fix it! Whew!!!


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