1 Sep 2009

Back In Bothell

Posted by Sam

August 31, 2009

I hardly know where July went, and now August is gone, too. Wuh.

We have been parked at Dave’s nephew’s (Kurt’s) for the last six weeks. Kurt has been extremely generous and helped us a lot. Davey has the use of Kurt’s garage shop and is still checking things off his list. I visit my mother once a day and seem to putter and flap away the rest of the day.

We went to Black Diamond, WA for a week to do a park at Lake Sawyer. We have done this park for two years, it’s a good park for us, but this year it was a total dud. We lost 10 of the 12 loyal advertisers we had and couldn’t get any interest from cold calls. So we left after a week and came back to Kurt’s. I’m still working the phones on that job, but I’m not real hopeful. Fortunately, the park has only used half the maps we made for them last year.

My mother is down below 90 lbs and her pain patch is up to 75 mg, plus oxycodone for break through pain. She sleeps most of the time but is alert when you wake her us. We go over old memories and laugh at the funny things we recall. Her voice has lost strength and her mind wanders, but she ordered her Christmas cards yesterday.

We have moved her things out of her apartment, a very difficult transition for us all. Life Care Center of Bothell is a very caring facility and Mother likes the staff. (Well, most of them. She hasn’t mellowed THAT much in her final days!)

We are struggling with this new condition of not knowing what we’re going to do next. We never know for sure what’s going to happen in our lifestyle, but this is different. Uncertainty is now a roman numeral in our outline of life, instead of an indented A.

We’ll stay in touch. Friends and family (Dave and Jacqueline) don’t give up on us. We’ll see you all before we go too far.

Sam and Dave

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