4 Oct 2009

Xander starts Preschool

Posted by Jamie

We are doing a homeschool preschool swap. There are 4 families involved and we take turns at each others homes to provide a preschool experience. So far it has been great. We spend Monday and Wednesday in the home and then on Friday we all go on a fieldtrip together. It has been really fun.  We have done 3 fieldtrips so far, one a visit a retirement center: the kids had made cards for their new elderly friends and we sang lots and lots of songs to them. Our sweet kids brought so much joy into these people’s lives. It was really neat. We played at kidsville too. The next trip was a tour of the local grocery store. Our theme for the week was apples. They got to pick out a apple, decorate cookies, play with bread dough, play in the huge fridge and freezers and even check out items at the check out stand. They had so much fun (other than the silly hair nets!!!), then we made homemade applesauce…yum! The last one was going to the beach-yes it’s Oct. and we can still swim at the beach…I love it!!! We experimented with making molds and casts with plaster stuff (Susie was like the plaster queen, she was awesome!) We did the kids footprints and some molds like turtles, starfish etc. We are having alot of fun with preschool. Xander loves it! The first photo’s are of Xander’s first day and how after coming home he crashed big time!!!


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