5 Oct 2009

September 2009

Posted by Jamie

Wow!!! September just flew by. We have been very busy with school, soccer, swim lessons, piano, horse riding, and of course church activities. Whew…it seems like every night we are rushing off to something. We are having our 3 week break and it has been wonderful sleeping in and hanging out together all day, staying up late watching movies or reading. I think Susie and Becca are averaging a 1 am bedtime!!! Crazy!!! I really love the year round schedule. I also tried to get the girls to do a bit of art…

The nerdy glasses are from a skit that Susie did for the ward cookout…I caught her wearing them while reading Calvin and Hobbes, couldn’t resist taking a picture…she will strangle me if she realized I put it on here!!! And the other photo’s are some I did of Susie and when Jason saw them his reaction was…”What are you doing to our daughter???” Daddy’s not too happy about his little girl lookin’ so hot! (can you believe that she is only 13!!!) And the last photo’s are her fencing. She really enjoys it. She is a very busy girl. Her month has been filled with soccer practice everyday after school. Monday nights fencing, Wednesday nights voice lessons and YW, and Saturday mornings horse riding…


Becca is loving soccer, she and her friend Brooke have such a great time, they get pretty crazy and silly together…Here are some soccer photo’s and a few of Becca and Xander together, they did a little gardening together and she attempted to teach him to ride his bike without training wheels but gave up and rode the bike herself…those long legs make her look a bit like a grasshopper! I am so jealous of her long legs…she definitely didn’t get them from me!!! There is also a portrait that Becca did of Katie.


Katie has been counting down the days until her roadtrip with Daddy. She has been so excited. I am sure we will post lots of pictures from their trip when they get back. Here are a few of her this past month. After our trip to Aura to dig for fossils Katie and her friend Sophie had a grand idea of setting up a stand to sell the shark teeth they found. (Lemonade stands are too traditional for these two apparently!!!) They priced them out small size to large. They sold a few and got a few more donations, they were thrilled!!! Katie is still doing so great with piano, we are very proud of her.


One night at prayer time we were all kneeling around our bed and of course it is always chaotic trying to get everyone to settle down. Well there was a pause in the noise and at that moment Xander said with a sigh “I need to shave!!!” We all busted up laughing, what a crack up!!! So Daddy helped Xander shave before he went to preschool, he even got to use aftershave! He just idolizes everything Jason does. It is so sweet! And Xander is obviously still really into Zorro. He loves to do pushups like Zorro, he has to have his shirt off and he even talked me into putting candles under him like Zorro had, he was very disappointed that I wouldn’t lite them!!! The last photo just made me laugh. I dropped Susie off at the barn for horse riding and she took Xander around for a few minutes to see the horses and dogs. When we left Xander asked me if when he grows up if he can work with Susie. I said sure! The moment we got home he went right to his room and cowboy’d up!!! He put on his plaid shirt, a vest, a bandanna, his boots and his hat and for the next 2 hours asked me if it was time to go pick up Susie yet??? When we finally arrived he made a grand entrance into the barn and got a great response about what a good lookin’ cowboy he was. They even let him feed the horse a carrot. He was one happy kid!


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  1. I can’t believe how grown-up your kids are now!!!! I barely recognize them at all. You have such a beautiful family and it’s fun to read up on what you have been doing!



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