4 Nov 2009

Xander’s October Preschool Fieldtrips

Posted by Jamie

We are having so much fun doing this preschool swap…I would recommend it to anyone. The first week in Oct. we talked about Families. It was at our house and the kids went on a “family vacation” together. They had a great time taking turns being the mom or dad and deciding on where they were going to take their family on a vacation. They went to the Airport, the Beach, Texas, and Utah (Xander insisted that they go on a spaceship to Utah not a airplane!). For the fieldtrip that week we met at the park near our home and each family shared a family history story. Xander and I talked about Grandma Chief (Xander’s Great Great Grandma) and shared some stories and pictures from the neat scrapbook my sister Lori made for us. The Hussey’s talked about their Grandpa and how he ran in the Olympics, they even brought a trophy he had won. The Peterson’s shared their family history of TWINS in the family and I think it was 8 sets of boy twins that they were able to trace back. Wow!


Our next week was Fire Safety, we went on base (MCCS) and Jake’s Daddy arranged for us to have a tour of the emergency center there. We were able to tour the station, see where the emergency crew slept, made their food and hung out while they are on shift. The also showed us the trucks and all the tools, and they did a emergency drill for us. The kids were so impressed with how fast they were running to the trucks and changing in to their gear and rushing off to the fire. They even gave us a water show! The kids got to play in the truck and push buttons, the horn startled them! Then last they took us up to the control tower and we could see the entire air strip. It was a great fieldtrip, we made a stop to Dunkin Donuts for hot chocolate to warm up…it was cold!


The next week we went to see some cotton fields that were near New Bern. It was really neat. I think the adults were more impressed with it than the kids. The kids were more impressed with enormous grain silo that was next to the fields. Sophia told the kids the process of how the cotton becomes our clothing. Taryn, our only girl at preschool, very dramatically insisted that “MY clothes are NOT made out of that!!!” We had a lot of fun, we also went to Creekside Park to have a picnic and play!


The last week was Halloween and we had a great party. They did a bat craft, played Halloween bowling, musical monsters, pin the stem on the pumpkin – this one was hilarious, the kids kept cheating and using both hands to feel the wall so we kept telling them to put one hand behind their back, well Xander didn’t put either hand out and walked SMACK into the wall! He was a good sport about it and laughed with us! The favorite game was the donut eating contest! We ate yummy food too, severed fingers, spider punch, wormy pudding, PBJ’s (Lenette is great a throwing parties!) We had a fun, fun time!


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