3 Jul 2012

Storm Update

Posted by Dave

Storm here did quite a bit more damage than at first thought, according to the paper today, after a more comprehensive survey. Actually, it was several storms spread out over the area. Some of the wind gusts were more than those of Irene last year. . . . they just didn’t last as long, thank you very much. We did have one big branch break in one of the front yard trees. A few folks are still out of power. One of the smaller car ferries left the loading dock and was immediately blown aground! They delivered pizza to the crew and car passengers while they waited for a tugboat to arrive and tow them back into the river.

They are predicting more storms in the next few days, but probably not like this one. The conditions just built up in the proper fashion to cause them It was a heat index of about 120 degrees and very muggy at the time.

And that’s the latest news from NC.

No dump runs here in NC . . . . they come and get it. They were busy today cleaning up after the storms on Sunday. This was from the neighbors' yard. And that's the latest news from NC.

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  1. Dang, that’s a big pile of branches! Any trees left in the yard?



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